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NotInTime-byShawnaSeedArt historian Genevieve McKenna, who just lost her museum job, lands an exciting assignment: Trace the path of a drawing the Nazis stole in Paris and restore it to the rightful owners.

Julien Brooks, whose family claims the drawing, has vital information. He also has a killer smile and speaks flawless French. She’s eager to get to know him better. A lot better.

But someone — could it be Julien? — seems very determined to thwart her work.

And why does she keep having bizarre flashbacks to a place she’s certain she’s never been? Mental illness ruined her mother’s life. Is that Genevieve’s fate?

On a research trip to Paris, Genevieve confronts her growing attraction to Julien and the truth about those flashbacks. What she learns will reveal the real story of her mother, the heroism of Julien’s family and the heartbreak of a doomed romance.

It may also cost her and Julien their lives.

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Read Shawna’s book Identity

Identity-byShawnaSeedNew job. New town. New life.

Risky Business is big at the box office, Journey is on the radio, and Sharlah Webb’s luck is finally turning.

Or she thinks it is, until the day she comes home from her waitressing job to find police cars in her driveway and her boyfriend, Brian Lowry, in jail on drug charges.

Suddenly, she’s got all kinds of trouble. She’s broke, Brian’s family blames her for his arrest, and a hurricane is bearing down on their Texas Gulf Coast town.

Even worse, Brian refuses to cooperate with the police and won’t tell her why. It soon becomes clear that his secrets have put them both in jeopardy.

As the danger grows, so does Sharlah’s confusion. Is Brian not the man she thought he was? Can she trust the police? Brian’s family?

Should she stay put, or flee the approaching storm?

Sharlah embarks on her own search for answers. Then one fateful decision launches a mystery that will take years to unravel.

Identity: A novel of suspense, love and finding your true self.

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Here’s what readers are saying…

“Identity, a mystery about finding your true self, is a precocious beginning to a bright new career.  Author Shawna Seed’s characters are engaging, her plot satisfying, and she writes like a dream!  Entertaining debut! ”
— Paula LaRocque, author of Chalk Line, a Ben Gallagher mystery

“A book-loving Texas waitress, a jailed but lovable boyfriend, a drug ring, a couple of murders — these are at the heart of Shawna Seed’s deft and entertaining mystery debut. The meticulous editing and sure pace of Identity prove without a doubt that the self-published book has a place at the table. A bargain for mystery lovers.”

— Julia Heaberlin, author of Playing Dead and Lie Still (Random House)

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