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So Many Books on Sale

July 16, as savvy shoppers know, is a great day to stock the e-reader, because a certain online retailer named for a large river in South America puts many, many books on sale. You can also find many books on sale that are not part of the official deals – they’re hoping to join the Prime Day excitement. Here are just a few…

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My favorite read of 2017

My favorite read in 2017 turns out to be the second book I finished, way back on January 6: The Summer Before the War, by Helen Simonson. The novel published in 2016. I decided to read it in part because my book club back in Maryland had read and enjoyed her debut novel, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. What did I love so much about…

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Caring about Characters

What makes a reader care about a character? I visited a book club the other night that read Identity, which gave me the opportunity to hear the members’ reactions to the characters. Book clubs are fascinating (and a little terrifying) for authors, but the insight is unbelievably rewarding. One reader spoke movingly about her concern for the protagonist, Sharlah Webb, who finds herself in desperate…

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