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More reader questions

After I posted answers yesterday to reader questions, a few more came in. So we’ll do another round of questions and answers today.

The drill today is the same as yesterday: Some of these questions and answers contain spoilers. Unless you’re one of those people who enjoys snooping in Christmas presents, you really shouldn’t keep reading unless you’ve finished the book.



Q: On Sharlah’s participation in money laundering, wouldn’t there be a statute of limitations?

A: Yes, Sharlah may be in the clear on the money laundering, as Brian points out when he urges her to consult a lawyer. Sharlah replies that the statute of limitations may be up, but she could be charged with conspiracy on the original crime, plus she has the problem that she’s not who she’s claimed to be for the last 20 years. I think Sharlah is a little like the person who is terrified that she has a serious illness but refuses to go to a doctor. It’s not rational behavior, but it’s common.

Q: Does Brian’s horrible mother get her comeuppance?

A: Ah, Brian’s mother. I feel a tiny bit bad about her portrayal, because readers do see her at the absolute worst time in her life. At the end of the book, she’s got two failed marriages and no relationship with her sons. Does that count as comeuppance?

Q: Does Ashley turn out OK?

A: Ashley’s 20s aren’t going to be easy, but yes, I think she turns out OK. Her mother, Lynn, has her act together, and Ashley really benefits from the influence of her grandfather (Mitch), step-grandmother (Francine) and of course Brian in her life. I tried the keep the narrative of Identity pretty streamlined and focused on the main characters. But I hope it comes through that Francine and her children and grandchildren create a loving extended family for Brian and his nieces. In Francine, I really tried to give Brian the mother he deserved.

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