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What’s On My Bookshelf

Tinybooks10-30Ah, summer. Time for floating in the pool and reading and reading and reading… And neglecting my blog. Can’t take the laptop in the pool, you know? So, what’s on my bookshelf now? (Aside from not-so-Tiny the cat?)

I finally got a chance to read Jane Smiley’s Some Luck. I’m a longtime Jane Smiley fan, and I really enjoyed this saga about an Iowa farm family. I’m a Midwesterner, and my husband descended from generations of farmers, so this one was in my wheelhouse. Once I was done, we started on the next installment in this planned trilogy, Early Warning, via Audible while my husband and I were on a long car trip. (Like, 2400 miles long.) I’m just not much of an audiobook person, I guess. I feel as though I don’t get to savor the book as much

Liza Klaussmann’s Villa America was a review assignment for The Dallas Morning News. I was eager to read it, because I’ve always been fascinated by Gerald and Sara Murphy, Jazz Age hosts with the most. (Two of Gerald’s paintings hang in the Dallas Museum of Art, and I love them.) The novel is worth it, especially for fans of that period. You can find my full review here. I also recommend Everybody Was So Young, a nonfiction work about the Murphys that came out almost 20 years ago. I read it at the time and thought it was lovely.

susansI devoured Black-Eyed Susans, by Texas author Julia Heaberlin. (Full disclosure: I know her.) I bought it on the last night of our vacation, and honestly, if reading in the car didn’t give me a crashing migraine, I would have been reading it in the car! Julia had a joint appearance in Dallas with Jenny Milchman, whose Cover of Snow was chilling in every sense of the word. Now I’ve got her next one, As Night Falls, atop my to-read pile. But first, I need to get some writing of my own done…




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