Not in Time, a novel of suspense by Shawna Seed. Book cover shown.


If you read this and it spoils the ending for you… Well, whose fault will that be?

Not ours.

  1. What do you believe happened to Genevieve during her “flashbacks?” What leads you to that conclusion?
  2. Do you believe that some couples are simply “meant to be?” Or do you think that there are multiple ideal matches for most people?
  3. Whom would you rather have as a best friend: Thomas or D?
  4. What do you think D is short for?
  5. Genevieve believes she is adrift in her life when the novel begins. Do you think Julien is adrift? Why or why not?
  6. Thomas tells Genevieve that Julien doesn’t seem like her type. Do you think Thomas is right? Why or why not?
  7. Why do you believe Genevieve chose to confide in Julien rather than someone closer to her?
  8. If a museum bought or received looted artwork in good faith, do you believe it is morally obligated to return it to the original owner?
  9. Do you believe Vivian’s actions were wrong?
  10. Do you think Genevieve and Julien handle Vivian’s actions correctly?

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