Favorite 2017 Reads: No. 8

One of my 2017 topic obsessions – other than World War I – was the Spanish Civil War.

I’ve always been interested in this period, ever since I tried to read For Whom the Bell Tolls when I was 12. (Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Talk about in over my head.)

A planned trip to Spain brought me back around to the topic this year and to discover the novel There Your Heart Lies, by Mary Gordon. It’s the story of an American woman who volunteered in the Spanish Civil War. Now in her 90s and dying, she recounts those experiences to her millennial granddaughter. It’s a very powerful story about doing what you believe is correct despite the consequences and acting courageously in the face of evil.

This is one of two books on this topic to make my list this year. The other is non-fiction.



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